My approach

Back in Argentina I started flying: being upside down was a necessary habit and I found my shelter in a static trapeze. 

As a child and teenager I invested my effort as a left wing in Handball teams and competing at international tournaments was great fun, I love some good team work!

But I needed to find some space to dance, to push a bit further and do less competing and more sharing.

I have since absorbed as much knowledge as possible learning with the best coaches in South America and Europe specializing in aerial acrobatics. 

In the UK I've performed at festivals, charity events and entertained a crowd at the Olympics in 2012 and my pregnancy led me once again to the journey of constantly rediscovering my own body: going back to basics, building myself up again, over and over- our bodies are new everyday and there's nothing like a good conversation with them.


Since 2018 I have been teaching aerial arts at Aerial Life in Hammersmith & Flying Fantastic in Peckham.

I am passionate about sharing everything I've learnt and the priceless feeling of a happy student.


I have now expanded my tools to reach out to you, meaning we can now move together remotely. In this website you'll find all the online lessons I am offering.

"Technique is the liberation of the imagination"

I work with and promote movement and art. I see you as a person that is not wrong nor needs to be fixed. All I do is provide tools, mostly called technique for you to gain a deeper knowledge of your unique body and reveal your potential. 

I am here even if it is because you struggle to make space in your day for a quick stretch. I am here to offer you that space to explore your own body and let the day move through.

Let's Move

Movement is the song of your body. Unique. I am here to provide you with the tools that will lead you to find your own harmony.


online movement

  • Flexibility

  • Handstands Conditioning

  • Core / Leg Day / Upper Boddy

  • Stretches

  • Aerial Conditioning

  • Aerial Class

  • Free Movement

Private classes: individual or groups (move with a friend!)

Workplace plans


Open classes

All classes are available in English & Spanish & some in German.

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